Progress the Day I started

I have so many plans for this self language learning blog! I will discuss the language learning tools that are helping me the most. But I also will cover some that didn’t quite work with my learning style, but might fit yours. I’ll post pictures and screenshots and maybe even short videos of my learning in action. You’ll learn my thoughts on what it’s like to learn the language at various stages. I’ll document my progress. Speaking of progress, I think one of my very first posts here should give you an idea of where I’m currently at. Here are some of the sentences I am able to read and write in hiragana/katakana.


Today is pleasant weather, isn’t it. (great for small talk!)


That is a cake. It is very tasty.


That cat is not my cat. (One of my first Kanji I learned is in there.)

By now you might be wondering what that big black block of weird characters up there might be. I’m not to the point where I can read anything of importance in terms of Kanji, that image shows my progress up to the day I started this blog, which was March 9, 2017.

wallpaper (1)

All the purple are ones I know fairly well, and the pink are characters I’m just beginning to learn. Hopefully next time I post a screenshot like this, I’ll have less grayed-out characters (adding more Kanji to my list) and a bigger array of colors (indicating my level of familiarity).

As for hiragana and katakana, I can read and write them fairly quickly, although every now and then I might mis-read one, especially if it’s a word I’m not familiar with. But of course the more I work with reading Japanese, the more accurate I’ll be.

For those of you also learning Japanese, what level are you at?

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