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NihongoMaster Drill Creep

So I’m just about to enter my second month on Things are going well, I’ve made it further than I ever have before (20% into Beginner). My tiny dilemma of the day is NihongoMaster Drill Creep. It’s one of the things that made me give up before. I love the drills, they are the best practice in reading and listening for me! But they tend to “creep” up to scary, daunting levels.

With you learn a lesson, and then they drill you every which way on what you’ve just learned. Each drill must be mastered about five times (you can change this in settings). Until then, they will keep showing up in your “Dojo”.  You can see the number of drills due in the top right of my screen here, circled in pink. Since I did my drills this morning, I only have 28 this evening. That is a manageable level. You can also see the scheduled drills, tomorrow being 72.

Upcoming Drills page

But look at the drills creeping up and topping out above 500 a day! This keeps happening to me, I usually end up with 800 or more a day and that’s when I give up on NihongoMaster. I flew through the entire Introductory section in a few days. This is where you learn Hiragana and Katakana and very basic vocabulary and grammar.  Now I’m in the Beginner section and have slowed way down. But ideally I’d learn a lesson every day or at least every other day.

NihongoMaster Drills

So my goal is to hopefully figure out how to keep this more manageable.    Do I suggest doing only one lesson a day to start, and then slowing it down if it gets too much? Should I stop new lessons for a few weeks until the number gets below 100? I will know more in time.

There was a little thread in the community today and a more experienced person said just spend so much time a day and tackle what you can. That person happened to have 6000 drills due, I was pretty shocked at that.

For now, I’m asking any of you, if you use NihongoMaster, what is your pace? Do you have a lot of drills everyday? Do you ever catch up?


2 thoughts on “NihongoMaster Drill Creep

  1. Taylor Dondich says:

    Hi there! I’m the founder of Nihongo Master and I love that you are writing up how you are using it. Absolutely going to share your content.

    As for managing your drills, there’s a few things. First off, the mastery level, which you covered here. We have a mastery level set to 5 by default because we felt that was the “sweet-spot” of maximum memory retention. However, we are open to the idea of letting people set their mastery level below 5. But, we don’t recommend it.

    Another way to manage your drills is through the Drill Management page. You already go there to set your mastery level; however, you can also use it to pause entire classroom drill sets. So say you REALLY know your hiragana and katakana. But those darn drills keep showing up because you haven’t hit the mastery level on them yet. But you are REALLY sure you don’t want to see those drills anymore. Okay, that’s fine. Simply go to the Classroom Drill Sets in your Drill settings and pause the drills in those sets. They won’t show up again. If you feel like you are rusty and you need to re-learn those, simply unpause them and they’ll all come back. Are you using this feature?

    • tiamo says:

      Thank you Taylor, I’m so excited for the first comment on my blog, haha!

      I have my mastery level set to 5, I don’t want to go lower. If anything, someday I’ll set it higher, but I’d need A LOT of free time to catch up on the extra drills. I have indeed seen the other setting on the Drill Management page. I think I probably mastered all the kana, so they aren’t showing up anymore. My drill management is actually fine right now, but it’s just in the past where it zoomed up very fast, but now I’m taking my time with lessons and trying to do drills everyday.

      NihongoMaster is my favorite resource for learning Japanese, nothing else has even come close. Thank you for all the work you do and how much you care about your service!

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