Leveled up in WaniKani (4)

Hooray for me! I’ve reached Level 4 in WaniKani Kanji learning website! The free trial period ends after your first three levels, and you have to choose whether to continue (of course you Wana) subscribe. They offer plans by the Month, Year or Lifetime. I already opted for the Year subscription, I am hoping to learn most of it in just two years.

The first three levels are free, but it feels like you learn so much! It took me two weeks and three days to reach level 4.

They are even going to send me a little present for giving WaniKani a try and making it to level 4! That was totally unexpected. Here’s a tiny excerpt of the celebratory email I received:

  • Level 5: 97.50% of the kanji that Japanese 1st grade elementary students need to know, and 78.48% of the JLPT5 kanji (really, you’re almost here).
  • …..
  • Level 60: 84.78% of the  kanji that Japanese 9th graders should know, 78.81% of the kanji found in JLPT 1, and 99.21% of the kanji found in Japanese books/ebooks.


I do love their motivational emails, starting right off the bat after your first hour with WaniKani. Those first few days can be tough (in terms of waiting for something to do); most users are so eager to learn, but they use a spaced repetition system (SRS) for most efficient learning. Have patience! Soon  you’ll have lots to do!

WaniKani addons/extensions/scripts

You may notice on my screenshot above that it may not look like your WaniKani homepage, I’ve installed a few browser extensions. I added a Level Up notification, I think the first two levels I didn’t notice until I got the email. There is a handy Reviews Timeline, so you can arrange your day around learning WaniKani most optimally, haha. Last night I was worried because the slider was out a few days, and it wasn’t showing much on my review plate. Then this morning, I did one big batch of reviews and BAM. Hit level 4. You can see it automatically gave me 89 lessons!

I’ll list my favorite WaniKani addons, but for now I’ll leave you with my updated screenshot of Kanji I’m learning! Feel free to click it to see more detail. And of course, I already updated my Level 4 Kanji I’m learning page!

WaniKani – start of level 4

If you’re using WaniKani, what level are you? Do you have any words of advice for a newbie in the “Pleasant Level”?

2 thoughts on “Leveled up in WaniKani (4)

  1. cyrus@tofugu says:

    Thanks for giving us a try, Angela! We’re glad you’re enjoying yourself. We have a lot more kanji, mnemonics, and questionably good jokes in store, so we hope you keep having fun during the coming year. \(★ω★)/

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