What I’m Learning this Week

Since I’m using this as a document of my progress in learning, a weekly report on what I’m currently learning would be a great thing to add.  I’d like to settle on a specific day to do this, but since the idea just occurred to me last night, I’ll start today!

Unfortunately my dynamically-pulled Kanji data from WaniKani doesn’t work all the time in the blog, I’m just adding a static table to show the Kanji I’m working on. Oh, how I love technology! I’m working on 42 Kanji characters this week for Level 5 of WaniKani. The table below allows you to view, sort and page through the kanji.

Kanji I’m Learning This Week

From WaniKani

Total since I’ve started:

Radicals 141
Kanji 145
Vocabulary 321
Total 607

Currently starting to learn:

Kanji I'm Working On

西westせい, さいにし
rainあめ, あま
mixこうまじ, ま, か
forest, woodsりんはやし
times, revolveかいまわ.*
goこう, ぎょうい.く, おこな.う, ゆ.く
home village, home town, hometownさと
soundおんおと, ね
color, colourしき, しょくいろ
selfじ, し
diagramず, とえ, はか.る
rice, americaべい, まいこめ
come, nextらいく.る
near, closeきん, こんちか.い
right, success, correctとうあ.たる
many, much, lots ofおお.い
shape, appearance, formけいかた, かたち
grass, weedそうくさ
sayげん, ごんい.う, こと
sunlight, lightこうひかり, ひか.る
feather, feathers, wing, wingsはね, は
makeさく, さつく.る
study, learn, learningがくまな.ぶ
think, considerこうかんが
younger brother, little brotherだい, で, ていおとうと
whatなに, なん
skyくうそら, あ, から
angle, cornerかくかど
blueせい, しょうあお
Kanji I'm Working On - Level 5

I reinforce the Kanji I learn from WaniKani with a supplemental fan site called KaniWani which reverses the drills. Instead of being shown Kanji, I am shown the definition in English, and I write it in Japanese. More about that later. I also use an app called Kanji Drills on my phone a little bit each day.

Grammar (and more) I’m Learning this week

Just an aside, some of the grammar resources I’m using are still simultaneously teaching me hiragana and katakana. NihongoMaster has already taught me all the kana, and now they are slowly easing into Kanji, but most of the lessons are in kana yet.

From NihongoMaster.com

  • Verbs します (to do), しごとします (to work), べんきょうします (to study), そうじします (to clean)
  • Particles  を, の, に
  • Days of the Weeks

I can read a sentence like this:  私は十二じにごはんをたべます。(I will eat dinner at twelve o’clock.”

From YesJapan books and website

I bought almost all the YesJapan books – Japanese From Zero 1-3, still need to buy 4. I also just started Kanji From Zero 1. I’ll blog about these very soon!

From Japanese From Zero! 1 book and website

  • Possession (かのじょは にじゅうきゅうさい です。)
  • Colors and Adjectives (わたしの くるまは しろと くろと あおです。)
  • Likes and Dislikes (わたしの ともだちは さかなが だいきらいです。)

From Human Japanese App

I’m taking the descriptions of the chapters I’m reading right from their website.

  • Food – Introduces dozens of culinary vocabulary words, allaying any fears the reader might have about Japanese food.
  • Demonstratives – Teaches how to use sets of words like “this,” “that,” “that (over there),” and “which one?”, which always come in convenient four-packs.

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