Mom, Why is there a Crab on our Refrigerator?

WaniKani’s Crabigator

“Mom, Why is there a Crab on our Refrigerator?”

Well dear Satori-chan, that’s no ordinary crab, that’s the Crabigator! See? He’s part Alligator and part Crab! Actually, he’s helping me learn Japanese Kanji. I see the Crabigator everytime I open up WaniKani to do my kanji drills.

I had a surprise waiting for me last week and my new Crabigator magnet immediately got slapped on the fridge. (He was moved to my whiteboard for the above photo.) Yesterday I added another WaniKani sticker to the side of my new computer, which I custom built last fall. He’s the Crabigator, a Kanji Champion!

What’s interesting is that these three stickers have a common theme. They all demonstrate how complex things combine to create peculiar things. Have I lost you? Think about it, and then join me at the bottom of this post for an explanation.

Here’s a better view of the inside of my computer, because I admit, I like to show it off!

Have you figured out what these three stickers have in common? They are not just one thing, they are morphs of different things.


The half alligator, half crab mascot of WaniKani!  The name itself is derived from the kanji for alligator (wani) and crab (kani). Aya from WaniKani is the artist who I believe designed it. This postcard is up on my office whiteboard.

wk postcard crabigator

WaniKani Crabigator postcard


Yeah, OctoCat probably doesn’t have much to do with a language learning blog, but he is also a morph-animal – part cat, part octopus. The story behind this one is that the same guy who designed the Twitter bird logo, Simon Oxley, made the Octopuss as part of cranking out images for iStock. GitHub had to have it and now their OctoCat is famous! I just like OctoCat because I used to be a programmer and um, I like cats.   (^._.^)ノ


Another OctoCat sticker on my daughter’s computer

Last Chroma Sticker

Lastly, one of my favorite gaming peripherals is the Razer Chroma line of color changing products. I just bought my daughter the Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard. I myself have the Razer Chroma Orbweaver (gaming keypad), Keyboard, Naga Mouse, and even Firefly Mat. I really like the look of her new Ornata keyboard, we applied the “Wonderland” chroma effect, so it has beautiful, mesmerizing colors, without being too distracting.

Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard

To sum it all up, the Crabigator, OctoCat, and even Razer Chroma all combine  various things to produce a really cool product or service!

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