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10% through WaniKani!

Level 6! 10%!

I hit level 6 this morning. 10% of max level 60 is level 6! I can’t remember the last time I so eagerly anticipated an event. ! Well, I do eagerly anticipate the UPS truck coming with fun goodies, but a new WaniKani level is something that brings so much more. 🙂

I knew going to bed last night that when I wake up (I usually sleep in late), I’d have 8 kanji to review and then I’d hit level 6. And I totally knew those kanji. So it was a very busy morning unlocking all the new stuff, and reviewing a ton of other stuff that hit.

Forum Addiction

I realize I am addicted to the WaniKani community forums. I have always been a “forum” person, and love learning from other people and such, but the first month I mostly lurked. Clicked on a topic if it intrigued me. Now I can’t stay away! Hitting the new level gave me so many lessons and reviews, but I kept rewarding myself every 10 lessons by obsessively checking the forums. I finally added a link straight to the forums to my Bookmark bar, and not buried in some sub bookmark folder.

I just wish they had private messages and sigs enabled. Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll find another active forum with some of my favorite features enabled.

Thank You WK Members!

A big thanks to @kumir~ for helping me find cool new tools and scripts! A big thanks to @alexbel~ for motivating myself and everyone in learning grammar and keeping us on track with Genki. (I’m leaving off part of their usernames for privacy reasons.) Thanks to everyone who likes kittehs and those who make scripts to make WK more enjoyable!

I started a new thread on posting everyone’s screenshots and what user script extensions they’re using. That will be one of my next posts, a detailed list of what I’m using, complete with screenshots of them in action.

Kanji Background

Kanji Wallpaper

Kanji Wallpaper

I’ve updated the Kanji background of my desktop to reflect level 6. Once I unlock all the kanji for this level, I’ll post the new kanji I’m learning.

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