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Why I Love Learning Japanese

Everyone has their reasons for learning a new language. Whether for work, entertainment, travel – I think at one time all of these were reasons for me. In this post I’m going to try to explain why I’m fascinated with learning Japanese, and am finally pursuing this interest.

I’ve been interested in Japanese for most my life. When I was growing up, I was told it was the language to learn if you wanted to be successful in international business (my second degree was in business). It wasn’t as easy to learn back then as it is now though. Fast forward to now – where a plethora of learning tools are at our fingertips! Not only is it easier to teach yourself, but we have more motivation in terms of entertainment.

My reasons have definitely changed over the years for learning Japanese. Japanese culture has permeated our culture – through anime, manga, and games. Right now I’m watching anime and reading manga in English, but I would really love to be able to understand in Japanese, and without subtitles. This is a huge reason why many people are learning it now, the forums I frequent are full of people who love anime.

I love the culture, the history, and want to learn more. While I don’t see myself living and working in Japan, I will visit someday soon, hopefully several times in my lifetime.

I love the way languages in general open the world to me just a bit more.

But my biggest reason? I just enjoy learning it. I love listening to it, and speaking it. I think written Japanese just looks so awesome! I love the challenge, how it makes me think. The more kanji, vocab, grammar I learn, all the pieces fall together; it’s like a lifelong puzzle that I’m working on.

Going Forward

I know it’s going to be a long journey. I know most who take on such an endeavor drop it within the first year. Japanese is not easy, it is going to be painful at times. But now is the time for me to do this. I have no big distractions with school or work. I have the passion and motivation.

Peep with Japan flag

Peep with Japan flag

Hope to see you in three years! I hope to be actively blogging even then, and someday sharing photos of trips to Japan!


— Angela

How about you? If you’re learning a language, what are your motivations?

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Learning Japanese

  1. Shadowatom says:

    I’m learning Japanese for various reasons, my biggest reason though is that I’m a third generation, Half-Japanese American and I’d love to go back to my roots and experience the culture, and I think that desire will only really grow as I get older, so might as well start early!

    I want to learn Japanese because, I’m a third generation Japanese-American.

  2. tiamo says:

    Thank you for your comment! That is one of the best reasons. 🙂

    I myself am half Filipino, but was adopted. Even so, my birth family has talked about taking me to the Philippines one day. It is surprising how many people I’ve met throughout my life that are Filipino and speak some tagalog. Maybe someday I will learn a bit and visit my roots.

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