I Have Reached Enlightenment!

This is a major day in WaniKani for me! I have reached the “Enlightened” level on some of my terms. Just 10 Radicals, but Kanji will be following soon too! It took me exactly 7 weeks and 2 days to reach Enlightened. I also reached my 1000th Guru turtle! Yes, we call them turtles, and we want to burn the kanji on these turtle shells.

WK Enlightened

WK Enlightened

Level 8!

Also tonight I reached Level 8. Don’t worry, I am not going to celebrate every one of my 60 WaniKani levels, it’s just that getting to the next level “Enlightened” is special! And you’ll definitely see me post when I “Burn” my first items as well. 🙂



WaniKani Stats

Below I’m sharing some WaniKani stats from a site called WaniKani Stats, featuring very useful graphs to chart my progress.

SRS is the spaced-repetition system WaniKani uses – the learning technique that increased the intervals of time you review. There are a total of nine levels, split across the five groups below. Starting with Apprentice, your reviews will come within hours or a few days. The highest group, Burn, is when you can recall an item after 4 months.

  • Apprentice (3 intervals)
  • Guru (2 intervals)
  • Master (2 intervals)
  • Enlightened (1 interval)
  • Burned (1 interval)

SRS Total Breakdown

I only have a sliver of Enlightened, tons of Guru and Mastered, a few Apprentice for now, and no Burns yet. But I have only been at it for less then two months, I will get there!

Level Progression Time

This chart shows my average time to complete levels. Level 4-5 was when I was on Spring Break in Mexico for 10 days, I still worked on WK everyday, just not as fast as I do when I’m at home. Looks like my average level takes 8 days. If I keep up this pace, I’ll be done in about one year exactly – to Level 50.  It’s okay if I take longer, I’m not racing for any reason. There are an extra 10 bonus levels, so it’ll definitely take me longer than a year to finish it all.


WaniKani Progress and JLPT Kanji Progress

This handy chart visually shows me my progress through the WaniKani program, as well as the JLPT levels.


More Progress Visuals

As you can see, I’m very far from the JLPT N1! But maybe soon I’ll be ready for N5. This chart can also show Joyo and Frequency charts.


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