What I’ve Learned (4/17 to 4/24)

With the weather turning nicer I’ve been outside a lot walking my dog, but also last week the mmo I’ve been playing for 6 years released Eternal Weapons, so I’ve been questing for that. But I have not neglected my Nihongo studies!

Something new that I’ve added is trying to get more Japanese listening opportunities in. I’ll go over this in more detail in my next post.

NihongoMaster (40% into Beginner)

  • Two “to be” verbs: いる (for animate things that move) and ある (for inanimate things)
  • Describing locations with the above verbs using particle に
  • Review on particles that can be confusing: に, で, and を
  • Learning the Japanese concept of uchi and soto (in-groups or not) and how to speak about family members to various people
  • More Kanji:  (I knew all but “language”, second kanji listed, from WaniKani)
  • Using と to list nouns, “with”, meeting people

Human Japanese

I’m at the end of a big review, so my progress has been slowed. I just want to make sure I completely understand everything before going forward. It nicely parallels NihongoMaster, in a very readable chapter format. Concepts I’ve been focusing on the past week include the “to be” verbs, と usage, particles, family member vocabulary and how to use it when talking within your own family, talking to a friend about their family, or talking about your own family to other people.

  • Chapter 29: Verbs, The Return
    Part vocabulary builder and part grammar lesson, this chapter introduces more verbs, then shows how to create sentences that join multiple verbs in a single statement.
  • Chapter 30: Interrogatives and Ga
    Tracks down the who, what, when, where, and why, which require the use of a new particle, ga.
  • Chapter 31: Cultural Notes: Prices
    Looks into the myth that Japan is an expensive country, relating a recent experience the author had staying in an apartment near Tokyo.

WaniKani – Level 8

forest, woodsしんもり
comfort, ease, pleasureらく, がくたの
talk, speakはな, はなし
answer, response, replyとうこた
number in a series, turn, ordinal numberばん
interval, interval of time, time intervalかん, けんあいだ, ま
bureau, departmentきょく
somebody, someone, bodyしん
someone, somebodyしゃもの
road, street, path, wayどうみち
helpじょたす, すけ
suit, fit, joinごう, がっあ, あい
dwelling, reside, dwellじゅう
service, dutyやく
decide, decisionけつ
support, branchささ
count, number, amountすうかぞ, かず
location, placeじょう
drawing, painting

My Kanji Wallpaper (generated today) is filling out nicely!

Kanji wallpaper

Kanji wallpaper

Looking at some of the very first kanji I’ve learned, it won’t be until four months until I review them again – and hopefully burn them!

Next Review: 

Unlocked Date: February 28, 2017

End of August… seems so far away.

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