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Particle confusion!

Learning Japanese has been fun, even addicting, just the right challenge for me. But last week, I encountered my first stumbling block (out of many to come, I’m sure). Particles!

Particle confusion

Particle confusion

It all makes sense at first, I’ve had no problem understanding the usage of each particle when grammar lessons first introduce them. But then more particles are introduced. And various usages of each particle. Some have the same usage, some slightly different. To the park. Through the park. Until the park. Listen to music. Listen to your mom. In the kitchen. In the library we actively did something. Yumiko ate the ice cream. Yumiko ate the ice cream.

Each explanation makes sense, but when it comes time to choose the right particle in a long sentence, I feel like I make one or two educated guesses, but have no clue for the third. Sometimes I have no clue at all. 🙁

It is times like these where first I need to take a breath, halt any new grammar learning, and take a comedic break.

How to use は and が

I love this guy Dogen!


How about you? Can you guess the right particles for this sentence? Let us know how you did!

Question #1: ここ___何____れんしゅし____きましたか。

For this week, I plan to halt new grammar lessons and focus on mastering these particular particles in common sentences: に、で、が、を and more. Maybe I will share a few tips in the blog!


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