Sēn Lín Hú Chinese Summer Camp!

My daughter (a rising 7th grader) and I will be attending the Concordia Language Villages Chinese Family camp in July! This camp is so popular they just added a second week for families to enjoy learning Chinese together.

When I was younger, this was my camp of choice, I went to Mori No Ike Japanese camp the first summer and El Lago del Bosque (Spanish camp) the next. My favorite was the Japanese camp. I remember donning a kimono, trying my hand at brush painting, learning judo, and so much more. I can’t wait to come back with my daughter!

These camps, situated across northern Minnesota focus on cultural immersion. You only speak that language, only eat that culture’s food, use the currency to buy  and so much more. The CLVway is the method of immersion at Concordia Language Villages, and reflects the Asian concept of 道 or the “way” to excellence through practice.

Practicing writing

Satori and I will get our own room and attached bath. When we first arrive, Satori will take a proficiency test and get placed in a specific group so they can teach her at an appropriate level. I’ll hang out with the parents and learn as well. We will get to do activities together too! I’m so looking forward to this!

If I can swing it, we might hit up their huge International Day (I-Day) at their German camp. Here is where all the camps get together and celebrate the cultures with dance, food, art and more.

Dance at International Day


I’d love to go back to Mori no Ike again, this year of 2017 is their 30th year of Japanese Language camp. (Come to think of it, I actually did attend their very first year opening.)




Japanese food


Language groups

All pictures and the YouTube video are from the Concordia Language Villages website. Maybe I’ll dig up my old pictures from when I attended too, but for sure, I look forward to sharing the new pictures we will take this summer!

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