All the Vocabulary I’ve Learned – Handy Tool

This project took me half the day, but I needed it. I wanted a way to see, sort, and search all the vocabulary I’ve learned from WaniKani.  The WaniKani site has a search field, but it doesn’t give Parts of Speech nor is sortable.

Why did I want this? In KaniWani (a separate site that drills you on the WaniKani vocab), instead of showing you the kanji, they show you the English meaning, and you type in the Japanese translations. What messed me up a lot was all the synonyms!

The table I made includes ALL the vocabulary I learned! I’m splitting them up in a page per 10 levels, so that includes approximately 1000 words. Page 1 is done, so that’s the first 10 levels! I added a column with the Parts of Speech that will hopefully help me distinguish some vocabulary going forward.

WaniKani Vocabulary – Levels 1-10 (1,027 terms)

How does this help me? Say I want to see all the words that can signify “action”. I just type “action” in the search box and I see there are four words in levels 1-10 that contain that word.


Showing 1 to 4 of 4 entries (filtered from 1,027 total entries)
Or maybe I want to find all the verbs that end in る.  There are 95! Maybe I just want to see the vocab from level 7. I just type 7 in the search. So handy, I love it!
This is all very rudimentary compared to the real databases and web programming I used to do in my career, but it got done fast and fulfills my goal. I just used the WaniKani API into Google Spreadsheets and sorted/displayed the data just how I wanted. I added a new URL column that adds a link directly to the WaniKani page for the word. With a second new column, all my time was taken up by manually inputting the Part of Speech column, which isn’t given by the API, ouch. Then I added it to a huge WordPress Table Press table in my blog.
I’ll be adding other levels as I get to them.

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