WaniKani Makes Our Mark on PixelCanvas

Last night the WaniKani forum people started working on PixelCanvas to make our mark with our lovable crabigator mascot! MatteoC invited us to join in. He used the logo to make a pixelized image for us to duplicate on the canvas.

PixelCanvas.io is a shared infinite canvas, where you can plop down one pixel of your choice of 16 colors. You can only place an individual pixel once every 70 seconds or so (depending on location I believe), so it’s a race to finish your image before others overwrite it! Our logo is 96 * 75 = 7200 pixels. I don’t know how to read the kanji yet, but I’m assuming it says Wani Kani! 😀

Check out the current progress here:  http://pixelcanvas.io/@-2068,2310

This is what it looked like when I joined. I immediately started working on the right border.

Then three hours later. I started working on the big claw after this.

Here’s a PixelCanvas screenshot at the time I made this post. I bet we will finish it by tonight.

This PixelCanvas we are using is an infinite canvas and variable cooldown, and although people might overwrite our mark (including our own members, haha). We aren’t placed very close to center, so it takes my pixels about 1:12 to be placed. More toward the center I found it only took 20 seconds to place.

Reddit Place

This is the first I’ve heard of a pixel canvas, but looks like Reddit unleashed one for its users on April Fool’s day a few months ago – called Place. In 72 hours, with no rules, here is what happened!

Here’s a slower time lapse of the same canvas.

And… an Incomplete History of r/place:


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