Disclosures and Affiliations

My number one goal is to motivate myself from writing this blog. If it helps others, great! At times I may be mentioning products and services from which I am an affiliate, in which I may make a percentage of the sale if you purchase a product.

Monetary gain is such a low priority for me that you will never see this blog clogged with advertisements, banner ads and irrelevant ad links. I will only promote products and services I actually use and love, of which most of them I am not an affiliate. I will never try to persuade you to buy something I do not use myself.

I have had informational websites in the past that have reached thousands of people world-wide everyday, and have kept them to the point with minimal to no advertising. My passion is knowledge, first and foremost, and sharing that knowledge with others.

As of March 30, 2017, I am currently an affiliate for the following companies: