Japanese Learning Resources

This will eventually be a fairly large list of everything I’ve used in learning Japanese language.

Websites Using Daily

  • NihongoMaster.com – Probably my favorite all-time resource, helps me learn everything – kana, kanji, grammar, and reading and listening skills. Oh yes, even helps with writing (stroke order)! Uses SRS system drills, and is customizable if you think you need more practice.
  • WaniKani.com – Hands down the ultimate Kanji learning resource out there. Uses mnemonics and SRS.

Websites Using Sometimes

  • https://www.japanesepod101.com/index.php – A bit overwhelming and disorganized, but awesome listening practice!
  • http://yesjapan.com/YJ6/  and books – Offers tons of reading, writing, and listening practice if you use it all
  • http://www.gpb.org/irasshai/japanese-i (free) – not so much anymore since my attention span for half hour videos is low, but some people  might like it.
  • https://elon.io/learn-japanese/lessons#1453195384012260 (free) – I like this because it helps you learn how to write the kanji too.
  • Tai Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese – nice, free resource. I just prefer gamified learning resources.



  • Human Japanese – awesome app for learning grammar and more
  • WaniKani app
  • JapanesePod101 app – easy to use on the go