My dog – 私の犬

Listening to JapanesePod101 while walking my dog

Listening to JapanesePod while walking my dog

これは私の犬です。(This is my dog.)

My dog and I walk an hour together most days. What I’ve been doing the past month while walking her is listening to It’s a great way to get used to listening to native Japanese speakers! Multi-tasking is great, my dog gets some outdoor stimulation,  both her and I get some exercise, and I learn Japanese.

Unfortunately, my first and only month I paid for just ran out, so I had to listen to intro lessons. Luckily, there are a bewildering assortment of lessons to choose from. Today we learned some common Japanese food and beverages.  One of these days I’ll have to try me some nigiri.

I didn’t take advantage of all their features, and I mean to do that soon. All I’ve done was listen to their lessons so far. I do think the site has an attractive interface, with lots of content and tons of useful features. They even have an app, which made it super easy to use on my phone while walking! It is a bit overwhelming, there are several “Beginner” lists, I just wanted to know which one to start with! I’ll have to give it another try soon and give a more in-depth review on the site.

I’m sure Luxie knows more Japanese than anybody in my neighborhood. I repeat what I hear so she gets plenty of Japanese conversation during our walks!

Do you have any favorite Japanese podcasts or shows you listen to that you’d recommend for people trying to learn?