DuoLingo to offer Japanese, now taking testers

Every year I check duoLingo to see if they offer Japanese, and not until this spring have I had any hope. I knew it was in the works, and was about to post about that, but today I heard that DuoLingo is now taking Alpha Testers for their new Japanese course. You need a duolingo account and an iOS device. You don’t need to know Japanese.

duoLingo seeking Alpha Testers

Interested? Head to duoLingo discussion for more information and to sign up.

DuoLingo offering Japanese soon

DuoLingo offering Japanese soon, not an official banner, I added flag/greeting

I was so excited, I took like an hour to make the above banner just for this post. (I downloaded their official Duo bird and logo, then added my flag and greeting. If this isn’t ok, let me know!) I’m an avid Reddit lurker, and saw someone mentioned that it is in the works! It is in the duoLingo Incubator now, with an estimated Completion Date of May 15, 2017. I’d love to be done with their Spanish course completely by then, so I can focus on the Japanese one exclusively when I’m on duoLingo.

Now we can look forward to learning phrases like “Genki desu ka.” and “Watashshi wa gakusei desu.”

duoLingo offering Japanese

duoLingo offering Japanese

I just noticed that there is a duoLingo subreddit... It’s so much fun watching all the redditors commenting, and hearing Overwatch’s Hanzo crying out his ult!

Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u.

“Let the dragon consume my enemies.”

Back to duoLingo’s newest offering… I hear they will be offering Chinese this year as well! People have been asking for these languages for so long, but due to the characters these languages use, it was difficult to offer. So… do you think they will teach Japanese in romaji?

A Quick Overview of my Language Learning Tools

I do plan on posting a very detailed page on all the resources that have been helping me in my language studies, as well as thorough reviews on each resource, but for now, let’s get a “snapshot” of the things I am using daily.

I’m mostly excited about Japanese, so let’s start with that. I’ll describe my learning style in a later post, but I think you’ll quickly see that I love to learn online, with programs that track my progress. My number one Japanese learning tool (so far) has been:


This is the tool that I give the most credit for getting me up to speed on being able to read and listen to beginning Japanese, starting with Hiragana and Katakana. I first signed up a little over three years ago, but got intimidated both by the Kanji starting to crop up and the drills that accumulated to over 800 a day. I started over a few times, and this third time around, which was February 21, 2017, the grammar lessons that seemed confusing at first, now are a piece of cake. Or, I should say ケーキ.

As you can see, I’m currently level 8. If you go inactive, you will lose your level progress, which makes me very sad, but I guess they think that might keep you using the site everyday. The past three weeks I’m trying to get to it almost everyday, but no big deal if I slide. Anyway, I love the site, but I don’t think it’s very well known. Much more about this resource to come.


I didn’t know about this site for the longest time, it sure would’ve come in handy earlier. I think I may have stuck to learning Japanese rather than give up when I first started. This is the tool that is going to teach me all the Kanji, a major stumbling block for me previously. I absolutely love WaniKani! I’m going to talk it up so much in this blog, so I’ll just leave you with this. I started this February 26th and I’m level 3 out of 60 levels. This website primarily teaches Kanji, but also teaches a ton of vocabulary.

I am. totally. addicted.

Japanese kanji

Those are the resources I use everyday. I’ll talk about other websites and books and apps I also love for learning Japanese soon.



For Spanish, I’m first brushing up my skills with DuoLingo. I am probably quite a bit higher than 51% fluency, but like I said, I’ve started from the beginning and trying to go through every lesson as a review. I’m trying to do this everyday, and have an 12 day streak going. There’s no excuse not to do a few minutes a day to get your daily streak, it has a mobile app that super easy to use. Maybe too easy, haha.

DuoLingo Spanish Fluency at 51%

Practice Makes Perfect

There are a ton of these books for learning various languages! I’ve been using these for Spanish, it helps with writing practice, but I don’t use them everyday.

I use many more resources, but these are just what I plan to use everyday for the next few years.

That’s it for today, keep in mind, I just started a few weeks ago with pursuing my language studies in earnest!