Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Seeing that in this blog someday I’ll also be talking about learning Spanish, I’ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this cake I bought and shared with my かぞく.

And just for fun, I added some plastic Mexican flags that I had laying around. おいしいケーキです。


And with that, I’ll leave you some Cake of a different sort…


Back from Spring Break

After nine days, I’m finally back home from spring break in Cancun. I meant to post a few more times than I did while on vacation, but I only brought my phone and tablet, and figured I’d just focus on having fun.

Fun Seeing Sea Creatures

Hey, it’s an えい!

While in Mexico, I was able to go snorkeling in the Mayan Reef and see sea turtles and stingrays, some coral, some man-made reef art, and tons of fish! The dolphins (delfín/海豚) and sting ray (pastinaca/海鷂魚) photos I included in this post were from an aquarium in Cancun – Delphinus. (I could be wrong on the kanji for those animals, I haven’t learned them yet and got them from a translation site.) They say Hola! Konnichiha! Ni Hao!

Chichen Itza Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza

It was a very cool coincidence, but I managed to visit Chichen Itza Mayan archaeological site right on Spring Equinox on March 21st, which is a special celebration for this location. The exact time I took this picture was when the shadows outlined a snake rippling down the left side of the pyramid, it only happens twice a year (spring and fall) for less than an hour. You can no longer climb the pyramids, but I think I may have pictures from the first time I visited Chichen Itza. My daughter got to check off one of the New Seven Wonders of the world off her list. It was her favorite attraction on the vacation.

Study while on break

Dolphins at Delphinus

And believe it or not, I managed to study my Japanese and Spanish everyday while on vacation! I leveled up to Level 5 in WaniKani, and played with a bunch of other kanji apps on my tablet and phone. Unfortunately, I only got to do NihongoMaster.com one time, as it is not phone or tablet-friendly, so I had to find a laptop. Still, I made my way through over 300 drills, and now only have 85 today to do. I haven’t done a new lesson in a week and a half, so I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed. I do have 244 reviews in WaniKani, mostly because I had just leveled up a few days ago and have a ton of new things to learn.

Good language learning apps have some sort of motivation for you to keep learning and using their product everyday. Whether it be an active community who can see what level you are currently at, or a daily “streak” – these little features kept me going each day. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I kept at it.

I am happy my particular hotel seemed to cater to Japanese, with some things labeled in Japanese like my prior blog post mentioned. The huge buffet breakfast they offered had the middle offering typical breakfast foods, and the right side traditional Mexican breakfasts, and the left side Japanese breakfast food! That was very neat to see.

Pokémon Go level up

Okay, not so much relevant to a language learning blog, but it is ポケットモンスタ, and I did say I had fun seeing sea creatures… I also managed to level up to 25 in Pokémon Go, haha. I very rarely play this anymore, but I do enjoy walking, so it goes well with a walking hobby. Got quite a few water creatures! Then I realized water creatures were boosted anyway, they are having their March Pokémon Go Water Festival event. Instinct (yellow team) seemed to dominate Cancun, boo!!!

Pokémon Go Water Festival event

Pokémon Go Water Festival event

Now that I’m home, I’ll be spending the evening catching up with my drills! See you soon with more about learning Japanese this week, Mandarin resources my daughter loves, and maybe even something Spanish-related.