Levels 11-20

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LevelCharacterCharacterKanaMeaningPart of Speech
11上級上級じょうきゅうadvanced level, high grade, advanced grade, high levelNoun
11味方味方みかたally, supporter, friendNoun, Suru Verb, No Adjective
11不良不良ふりょうbad, substandard, delinquent
11初歩初歩しょほbasics, rudiments, elements, abcs
11戦い戦いたたかいbattle, fight, conflict
11戦場戦場せんじょうbattlefield, battleground
11予め予めあらかじめbeforehand, in advance, previously, ahead of time
11初級初級しょきゅうbeginner level, elementary level, beginning level
11乗り場乗り場のりばbus stop, taxi stand, train platform, place for boarding vehicles
11注意注意ちゅういcaution, attention
11別人別人べつじんchanged man, different person, different man, changed person, new man
11共通点共通点きょうつうてんcommon point, common feature
11仲間仲間なかまcompanion, comrade, associate
11便利便利べんりconvenient, handy
11共同共同きょうどうcooperation, collaboration
11べつdifferent, separate
11特に特にとくにespecially, particularly
11運命運命うんめいfate, destiny
11心持心持こころもちfeeling, mood, somewhat, slightly
11一位一位いちいfirst place, first ranked
11昔話昔話むかしばなしfolklore, legend
11仲良く仲良くなかよくfriendly, good terms
11仕返し仕返ししかえしget even, retaliation, get back at, revenge, get revenge
11かみgod, gods
11良い良いよい, いいgood
11気持ちいい気持ちいいきもちいいgood feeling, feeling good, feels good
11仲良し仲良しなかよしgood friend, intimate friend, close friend
11努力努力どりょくgreat effort, exertion, grueling effort
11苦手苦手にがてhard to deal with, weak point, poor at, not very good at, bad at
11苦労苦労くろうhardship, troubles
11高級高級こうきゅうhigh class, high grade, high level
11使い方使い方つかいかたhow to use, way of using
11不便不便ふべんinconvenient, not convenient
11中級中級ちゅうきゅうintermediate level, intermediate rank, intermediate grade
11仕事仕事しごとjob, work, occupation
11丁度いい丁度いいちょうどいいjust right, exactly right
11労働者労働者ろうどうしゃlaborer, blue collar worker, manual laborer, labourer, manual labourer
11主位主位しゅいleading person, first place, leading position, first position, head position
11いのちlife, lifeforce
11好き好きすきlike, fondness, love, to like
11文字通り文字通りもじどおりliteral, literally, to the letter
11小指小指こゆびlittle finger, pinky finger, pinky
11むかしlong ago, long time ago
11低い低いひくいlow, short
11労働労働ろうどうmanual labor, manual labour
11待合待合まちあいmeeting place, assignation place, waiting room, lounge, tea house
11中指中指なかゆびmiddle finger, second finger
11新た新たあらたnew, fresh, novel, newly, freshly
11別に別にべつにnot particularly, separately, not really, not exactly, not especially
11発売中発売中はつばいちゅうnow on sale, now for sale, currently on sale
11老人老人ろうじんold person, elderly person
11意見意見いけんopinion, view
11命令命令めいれいorder, command
11注文注文ちゅうもんorder, request
11太平洋太平洋たいへいようpacific ocean
11支度支度したくpreparation, arrangements
11用意用意よういpreparation, arrangements, provision, getting ready
11公共公共こうきょうpublic, community
11電波電波でんぱreception, radio wave, electromagnetic wave
11受付受付うけつけreceptionist, reception
11仲直り仲直りなかなおりreconciliation, make peace with
11なかrelationship, relation
11屋上屋上おくじょうrooftop, housetop
11海岸海岸かいがんseashore, coast, seacoast
11別の別のべつのseparate, different, another, separate thing, different thing, another thing
11別々別々べつべつseparately, individually
11共有共有きょうゆうshared, co ownership, joint ownership, share
11神社神社じんじゃshinto shrine
11神道神道しんとうshinto, shintou
11相図相図あいずsign, signal, diagram, phase diagram
11時々時々ときどきsometimes, at times
11見事見事みごとsplendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable, praiseworthy act, feat
11待ちぼうけ待ちぼうけまちぼうけstood up, waiting in vain
11作戦作戦さくせんtactics, strategy
11あじtaste, flavor, flavour
11初回初回しょかいthe first time, first time
11最初最初さいしょthe first, first, beginning, outset
11最低最低さいていthe lowest, the worst, lowest, worst, nasty, terrible
11西洋西洋せいようthe west, western countries
11指定する指定するしていするto appoint, to assign, to designate, to specify
11利く利くきくto be effective, to show effect
11育つ育つそだつto be raised
11返る返るかえるto be returned, to return, to come back
11成る成るなるto become
11放送する放送するほうそうするto broadcast
11追う追うおうto chase, to follow
11通う通うかようto commute, to attend, to go back and forth
11競う競うきそうto compete
11集中する集中するしゅうちゅうするto concentrate
11決定する決定するけっていするto decide, to determine
11開放する開放するかいほうするto fling open, to throw open, to liberate
11合わせる合わせるあわせるto join together, to unify together, to unite, to match, to unify, to bring together, to join
11拾う拾うひろうto pick up, to find, to gather
11指す指すさすto point, to point at
11注ぐ注ぐそそぐ, つぐto pour
11争う争うあらそうto quarrel, to compete, to argue
11気付く気付くきづくto realize, to notice, to realise
11放す放すはなすto release, to let go, to release something, to let go of something
11見送る見送るみおくるto see off
11苦しむ苦しむくるしむto suffer, to hurt
11伝える伝えるつたえるto transmit, to tell
11働く働くはたらくto work, to labor, to labour
11便所便所べんじょtoilet, lavatory, restroom, bathroom
11勝ち勝ちかちvictory, win, a victory, a win
11洋服洋服ようふくwestern clothing, western style clothes
11洋食洋食ようしょくwestern food, western style food
11洋風洋風ようふうwestern style
11洋室洋室ようしつwestern style room